One beautiful afternoon, I walked to the Red River to watch sunset. When I returned home, I wandered along the shore. I saw purple lavenders waving in the wind. “So beautiful!” I thought. I stopped and took my phone to take those great pictures. Arriving home, I lay in bed and pulled out my phone to enjoy those beautiful lavender photos…

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind: “Why did I spend so much time watching the flowers on my phone and just watching the real flowers in the fleeting moment?” . Today, I must return! I am standing in front of those beautiful lavender flowers and contemplating the beauty of them for a long time. I close my eyes to enjoy the faint scent of lavender blown into the air … Amazingly a happy feeling comes to me…

Stop for a moment to admire the real beauty of the scenery! Stop for a moment to see the beauty of a person next to you! If only enjoy flowers viewing on the phone, we cannot experience its fragrance. Watching the beauty of your sisteres on the screen, then you will not know the beauty inside their souls.

Red River Winnipeg, Sunday 27th July 2020

Magarita Giang Pham, RNDM


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The ministry of an artist is to express God's love and the beauty of God's creation

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