Yesterday, during the virtual meeting retreat (because of Covit I had my retreat through zoom). An elderly priest asked a question that made everyone think, “When praying, how God appears to you? In what images do you see God?”

I was surprised at this question. A bit of silence, there was no answer in my mind. I feel confused! At evening time, when I walked along the river, that question continued to circulate in my mind. I recalled many times of prayer, but I only go back and forth to memorable prayers. I suddenly discovered that “God appeared in my prayer through many different images: sometimes silently staring at the light of a star; sometimes a small wild flower; sometimes a little stone; sometimes a Bible verse; sometimes where the saying of someone; sometimes where my tears and sadness … The moment of surprise, the moment I exclaimed: WO! It was at that moment I saw God. ”

Today I talked to John and Peter when the disciples are dragging their nets on the boat and they all see Jesus grilling fish on the shore. The moment when John exclaimed “That God!” John must have been very surprised in that moment! Certainly, John must have a close relationship with Jesus to be able to recognize him immediately. I also want to be like John. I began to think about the relationship between God and myself…

 Provencher Bridge Winnipeg, Wednesday 29th july 2020

Magarita Giang Pham, RNDM


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